The Five-Year Plan

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His friends say he’s crazy to open a restaurant in Zanesville, Ohio. But Doctor Jim bet his wife’s life insurance money that he can do it. Except, even though he’s a foodie, he has no idea how to run a restaurant. 

Doctor James Langley’s wife has died, his best friend is moving to Italy and his mother is in the hospital. In the midst of a successful career as an orthopedic surgeon at Boston General, Doctor Jim has to make a tough decision: what now?

Returning to his hometown of Zanesville to care for his mother, he searches through his past for a way forward. He follows his heart, gives up his practice, and moves home to open a restaurant. Based on the length of time he can stay open without one customer—regardless of success or failure—he vows to remain in business for exactly five years.

Jim discovers new friends and small-town romance, but is still searching for something more. He travels for Doctors Without Borders. While setting broken bones and sampling exotic cuisines, he discovers that his answer might be much closer to home.

Christopher Scott Brooks’s romantic debut novel is a delightful journey into small town life, colorful characters, and foreign adventures. A page-turning countdown to the grand closing night will make you thirst for more. The Five-Year Plan is a delicious landscape of charm and cheeseburgers, aromas and atrocities, and the many places we look before finding where we belong.